Let Us Adventure!

If you love to adventure than let us be friends!

Adventure is such a broad word. To me an adventure can mean anything from going on a hike, to going on a road trip, to getting ice cream at 2:00 in the morning and watching movies. Anything that will lift my spirits and make me feel alive, ya know? Anything can be fun when you label it as an adventure!

2016 has been off to a good start so far with many adventures! One of the first “adventures” of the year was going to Leavenworth on New Years and walking around in the beautiful snowy town. Then came the trip to Portland where Mel and I crashed at Evelyn and Angie’s hotel for the night on the floor. The highlight of that trip was going to a pancake house at 2:00 in the morning, because let me tell you that place was hoppin and poppin! The whole restaurant was talking to one another, strange men were eating fries off my plate. Evelyn couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. It was great.

Now that I don’t work weekends, I can finally go on more hikes! I was never really a hiking person growing up but all of a sudden I’m super into it. There’s nothing like having deep talks up the long way, getting some exercise in, and breathing in fresh air. Nothing tops the beautiful view. It feels great. So far it’s been Rattlesnake Ridge, Poo Poo Point, Lake 22, and Old Robe Trail. I feel like I’m forgetting some but either way, been loving that.

Anything can be an adventure when you’re with the right people. I’ve got the right people. I am grateful.

If you like adventures, trying new things, lets do it!

Anything for the picture right? (;



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