Rainy Days But That’s Okay

Rain rain go away! Come back another day.

Hello beautiful people!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night from a really terrifying dream. ūüė¶ It was hard to fall back asleep so this morning I woke up feeling like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

But hey! I had a fun day ahead so there was no sleeping in. I went downstairs and was greeted by all my nephews here this morning. I gave them all a hug and kiss and we ate breakfast together at the table. Lucky for us, my sister made waffles! I had been craving some waffles or pancakes all week. I teased my nephew X about wanting to put ketchup on his waffles instead of syrup. He didn’t find my joke funny.

I then ventured off to school. On Fridays I start the school day with chapel at 10:00 am. Today we had a women speak about relationships and forgiveness. I always get excited when women are speaking at chapel. I like when guys speak too, don’t get me wrong but I grew up not seeing women preaching and was often told it was not alright for a women to preach. So it always inspires me when a women is up on the pulpit speaking. I loved her message and it really made me realize some things. I took detailed notes. She reminded us that holding onto unforgiveness¬†is damaging.¬†She offered to pray for anyone that needed it when her message was done so I went over to¬†her and she prayed over me. I wish I hadn’t forgotten her name, one of my worst qualities is remembering names ugh. But that’s okay, I’ll find out.

Then I had some time to study for my midterm in forty minutes. I sat with some classmates to study but then a puppy came through the door! A  little pug with a flower on her collar. So we played with that little ball of sweetness. Then I  took the exam it was actually so easy1

I had three more classes after that. Then I went to my work to do some admin stuff.

Then I met with my good friend for a little exploration of a local city, photo session, and some thai food. I loved spending time with her and catching up.

Now I’m at home and about to read more of my book. I’m reading Judah Smith’s How’s Your Soul. It is a great book! Highly recommend. I also need to read my Bible. Then I’m going to eat some waffles for dessert, make some tea, and watch the real housewives.

I’m not sure why I decided to write about my day today. Today was just a good day Although some things didn’t go as planned. The rain was pouring which it has been for weeks now, but all is okay. I am writing this to remind myself to appreciate the small things in life that are worth being thankful for.

I have some exciting plans, projects, meetings, and changes in store! I can’t wait to share them with you all. This is an exciting time in my life and I must remind myself to enjoy every season that I’m in.

Also, I am excited to be a leader of one of the worship groups at church again after taking a break for a while. I realized the importance of building those strong connections and relationships with people. Understanding who they are at their core. I will never let miscommunication or lack of communication go on for so long. When something is important and of value its worth talking about now. No problem is worth more than a loss of relationship, passion, or dream. Do everything you can to make it work.

I encourage you to pursue your passions in life and always make the most of everything even when its raining. Soon the sun will come out.

God bless.