Hello beautiful people!

If you know me, hi thanks for supporting. If you don’t, well let’s get to know each other, shall we?

I am a 19 year old Ukrainian American student living in the outskirts of Seattle filled with a lot of passion and creativity as well as a never ending feeling of being tired. But that’s what it means to be a student right (aha)? I go to a Christian University and I am studying to receive my bachelors in Organizational Communications. I constantly am in a bit of an identity crisis where I feel very American but my parents believe I am Ukrainian and I also go to a Ukrainian church. So trying to balance both identities is very interesting.

I am also leading worship at youth services in my church and sending out the youth updates. Youth ministry is very important to me and so is my faith!

On the side I am a nanny, which is by far the best job on the planet. I love to hang out with my friends all the time, probably too much. I like to try new things, and be adventurous. I also like to sit in coffee shops for hours and talk or “work” on stuff. On the weekends I like to go hiking or do weird things with my friends. I also am very into makeup and fashion and anything that allows me to be creative.

I like to think of myself as a very thoughtful person who probably over analyzes people and situations too much but it’s fine. In the end I strive to live life full of passion and to be happy and constantly laughing. And although I can be a bit awkward at times, it makes life all the more funny!

This a lifestyle Christian based blog where I hope to share some personal stories, experiences, and life together so that we as women (and maybe even men who knows!?) can come together to share encouragement, love, advice and some laughs!

I also like cats.




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