Can Girls and Guys be JUST Best Friends?

“You’re already best friends, you might as well date!” “You can’t say that you don’t have feelings.” “You are leading him on..”

The answer is yes. They can be just friends, it’s possible. The media will have you believe everything is sexual or romantic but not everything is. Although sometimes it can be complicated.

I  have been debating for a few weeks now whether or not to write this piece. At first I was fed up with everyone around me questioning my friendships or the friendships of people around me. But I decided it was time I needed to address the controversy. My parents sometimes questions why I am friends with so many guys but am not dating any of them. Other people like to ask me, “you’re always around the guys, how do you not have a boyfriend?” Then I start to feel bad because I know some people look at me and see that it is peculiar that I have so many guy friends and that perhaps I am having inappropriate friendships with them. The fact that people could even think that frustrates me even more. Those are all exaggerations and outlandish perceptions that people have, of course.  I am not always ‘around the guys’ and I do have a ton of solid girl friends. I’m not at all anti girl friends. I do realize that I don’t have to defend or explain myself to everyone but I do think that this is something that could be beneficial to talk about.

Can girls and guys really just be friends? Well that is something not simply answered. Everyone goes through different experiences and have their own perspective as to why it would work out or why it would not. Sometimes there is sexual tension, sometimes the friendship turns into something more, sometimes one person ends up with feelings and the other doesn’t. But sometimes you really are just friends and nothing more.

At the beginning of writing this article, I was so fired up on the topic and had a very narrow view. I have always grown up hanging out with boys and I also seemed to have a guy best friend. My friends were my friends, and guys that I was interested in were probably not my close friends. But I was challenged with my thinking these past few weeks and some of my opinions have changed.

I am studying communication at University and half my classes revolve around building and maintaining different relationships. Studying relationships is very fascinating to me. I realize that not everything is black and white. The way that I may perceive a friendship may be different than the way that another person perceives it. We get stuck in our own thinking that has been molded by our upbringing, our culture, and our own personal experiences that we sometimes forget that we need to try to broaden our view. It can benefit ourselves to look outside of what we know and how we feel and see how it looks from another’s perspective.

Over the summer, I remember a really annoying situation that happened. I was at a church event with a lot of people and I was talking to one of my good friends. the conversation was about something really important and personal. Well people noticed that we were chatting and they assumed that we were dating. Usually I can laugh these things off. But this time someone decided to go to my parents and congratulate them on my upcoming wedding. My parents were confused because they knew that I wasn’t dating anyone and that a wedding was not coming my way any time soon. But it was awkward for them to have people come up and congratulate them. This led to my parents giving me a talk when I saw them later that day. I was furious. How dare someone come up to my parents and congratulate them on my wedding and just assume something so big and important. How embarrassing.

My parents had to remind me to be careful and even though they know that him and I were just friends, that people are always watching and talking and to be aware of the way you present yourself. So I decided out of my embarrassment and anger to listen to my parents and look at the situation from a different perspective. I wasn’t about to explain to people why we were talking that day for maybe “longer” than normal because it was none of their business. But I know that in my Ukrainian cultural background that people date to get married and sometimes it is a fast process and at a young age. Someone older may look at me talking to a boy for a long time and assume that we are together because that was the way things were for them growing up.

I don’t want to worry about what people think of me and I am out here living my life, don’t get me wrong. But I have learned a valuable lesson about understanding that other people might get the wrong impression. What is most important is knowing what the friendship means to the two people involved. A true friendship will have good communication. My favorite quote ever (because I am a communication major) is “lack of communication leaves too much to the imagination”. There will probably come a point in the friendship of a boy and girl where they will have to talk about what their friendship is and if there is room to grow into a romantic relationship. This is normal and healthy. And if you guys are good friends, it shouldn’t be too awkward to talk about. I have had this conversation with every good boy friend that I have had. And once you understand the dynamic of the friendship and where it’s headed, you will be at peace (hopefully).

Through just my own perspectives and challenges growing up, I could write this essay. But I decided that I wanted to get some outside perspective too. I started off by taking a poll on twitter asking this golden question. It didn’t give me much information because I don’t have a ton of followers but STILL, it’s something.

twitterLooking at this poll, you can see that the idea is pretty split. I’m assuming people think that you can be friends with the opposite gender (of course) but you can’t get too close because feelings will start to arise and you’ll either start dating or someone will get hurt. I do agree that that happens quite a lot.

I decided to do some research on the topic as well. Just know that I am shocked that I actually went and did research for something other than school. But I had to for this article! But anyway, I read an article online by Lizette Borelli called “Platonic Love or Lust? The Science Behind Men and Women Being ‘Just Friends'” which touches on this subject. The article reviews some studies done by scientists that platonic friendships between men and women are growing but that men are more likely to catch feelings than a women, and that there is usually a low level of attraction between the two ( I highly recommend you go read this article! Basically the article sums up by saying that YES, men and women can be just friends but sometimes there are complications.

My first ever best guy friend was my neighbor. We met on the swings at the park next door to my house in kindergarten and our friendship took off after that. We had a very up and down relationship. But him and I are connected so deeply that we can go months without talking but we’ll always find ourselves back in each others lives at some point as if no time has passed. Scotty came out as gay in middle school. Obviously our friendship has always been platonic (for the most part except when he did confess his feelings for me at one point when we were children before he came out, I rejected him though #justfriends). But that’s not always the case. My other friendships have been with guys who are straight but have also been platonic.

I grew up with my neighbors being my really close friends (they are still some of my closest friends) so I will probably talk about them a lot in my blog posts. In high school, my neighbor best friends decided to transfer out of our school district and transfer to the new high school built in our town. They convinced me to transfer along with them. Well I basically only knew those three friends going into high school and that made things pretty rough the first half of freshman year. Everyone already had their friends and cliques lined up. I remember how Mel and I would sit at the all guy table at lunch because they were the only ones who welcomed us in. I mean of course what guys wouldn’t welcome in FRESH MEAT, especially with Mel being drop dead gorgeous. Mel and I were also in band class. None of the girls liked us or really tried to make an effort to befriend us so before we knew it, we befriended many of the guys in the class. This didn’t help our case with making friends with girls because girls will always look down on the new girls who immediately befriend the guys. It doesn’t look too good. But we were just in desperate need to make friends and the guys were easy to befriend. As the school year progressed, we did make more stable friends. But now that school has graduated, I still talk to a lot of the guys from high school but only one girl outside of my neighbors that I made friends with in high school.

There was one incident in high school that I became really close friends with a guy and he caught feelings and things went really bad for us. I decided to do running start which removed me from high school the last two years and removed me from that situation. This situation is very heavy to talk about and if I ever feel comfortable enough, maybe I’ll write about it in the future. But this was a situation that left me NOT wanting to be close with any guys for a long time.

Now I’m in college and I am still very close with guys. I am not trying to be annoying and say something like “OMG, I love hanging out with guys more than girls because it’s less drama.” Honestly, that’s not true. Most of the drama between girls revolves around a boy. Drama happens because of the type of people you are hanging out with, not because they are necessarily a boy or girl. But for me, I do really like being friends with guys for a number of reasons.

I have three really close guy friends that I call my best friends. Each of them have helped me a lot in my life, have been supportive, and mean a lot to me. But they are all platonic. One of those guys has a girl friend now too. It doesn’t always make sense to people when they see that or I tell them about it. And I do understand that. It’s frustrating to me because I know that it can appear to other people that I am just a flirtacious girl trying to get attention from as most boy as possible. But that’s not the case. I don’t even really know how to flirt to be honest, I’m usually just really sarcastic. I can be so close with guys because I am the opposite of being super flirtacious and pursue more of a brotherly/sister type of relationship with them. That’s not to say that I don’t ever flirt either. I’m just talking specifically about the guys who I am closest to.

I find relief in my guy friendships. I know that by them being friends with me, they really truly care about me and don’t want to use me to just hook up or to gain something. Some guys will only talk to you if there is potential for something else such as a hook up or a relationship. Once they find out there probably isn’t, they’ll cut you off. The guys that I am friends with challenge me to be a better person, they encourage me in my walk with Christ, they make me laugh, and they are very important to me. They still talk to me even though I don’t get physically intimate with them in anyway. And I’m also not a very touchy feely person as it is, I like my personal bubble. And this is where you’re probably asking or perhaps screaming to me in your head, “THEN WHY DON’T YOU DATE ONE OF THEM?!” Ahh my dear, if you are thinking that, well the answer is not as simple as you may think.

There are a lot of reasons why a girl and a guy are not dating. For one, MAYBE THEY WILL DATE IN THE FUTURE, AND MAYBE NOT.

Reasons why a girl and guy are just friends and not dating:

  • They are still young and don’t know what they want.  A relationship can be a huge commitment and something that someone is not ready for just yet. THATS FINE. No need to rush. A relationship either leads to marriage or a breakup. Both scary and emotionally draining. You don’t need to rush into something. Figure yourself out.
  • They really do feel like brother and sister. They connected really well but in a way that feels like a sibling relationship. You just don’t think about them in that light and it’s totally fine. Although, I would say you should try to refrain from calling anyone “like a brother or sister to me” because a lot of times it does turn into a relationship. Just take a look at Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.
  • Maybe one day they are meant to be together but the timing is not right just yet. Maybe you need some time to work and improve on yourselves before you get into a relationship. Maybe God has a plan that is going to have you wait for a while. Maybe school or work or other priorities need to be first in your life right now and a relationship can wait. But even so, that friendship you have right now is amazing.
  • You’re getting over another heartbreak. People take different amounts of time to heal. You need to be emotionally ready for a relationship and not have someone still in the back of your mind.
  • One of you wants to date but the other does not want to. But the friendship is more important to keep. Sometimes life kind of SUCKS. Anyone know the feeling of catching feelings for someone and not have them be reciprocated? I sure do. But you know what, you got to move on and decided what is best for the both of you. Sometimes maintaining that friendship is much more important than the potential of ruining it by trying to start a relationship.
  • Sometimes you’re meant to only be friends for a period in your life to learn from one another. Being friends with the opposite gender can help you SO much before you take the next step in your life to a serious relationship. You get to learn some really important life lessons and get some good advice.
  • A million other reasons! You alone know how you feel, what you want in life, and who you want to date. You don’t always need a specific reason or to explain yourself.

One thing I can’t stand is when people come to me and gossip about another person saying something about how a girl is leading a guy on by being just friends. I have had people say that about me and it’s just frustrating. If you know someone has feelings for you because they tell you and you give them false hope, that’s leading them on. But just by being friends, you are not leading someone on. If a guy wants to pursue you, he has to make that clear and ask you on dates and the whole shabang. If you are hanging out as friends and no specification of dating has been made, you are in no obligation to stop being friends in fear that you’re leading someone on because someone else OUTSIDE of your two way friendship is making you feel bad. Use your best judgment in the situation and have a talk with that friend if you are worried that they may be developing feelings.

I will say that your friendships should have a distinction between a romantic relationship. I believe that friends don’t get boyfriend privileges, boyfriends don’t get fiancé privileges, and fiancés sure as heck DO NOT get husband privileges. A friendship is a friendship. Just remember that. A time to have one with one another, do life together, and grow together.

One of my best friends inspired me to write this article and you know who you are. When he and I met, we just clicked. We are so similar, it’s insane. I gave him a lot of advice about a girl he was interested in the time and now he is in a happy relationship. Out of respect of that relationship, we don’t have the same dynamic as we had before. But our friendship still remains. But his relationship with his girlfriend is different than our friendship and everyone involved knows that. And one day when I am in a serious relationship, my relationship between my boyfriend/fiancé/or husband will be priority and be special and apart from my friendships with other guy friends. There has to be a distinguishing factor. Each relationship is different and has different boundaries so it won’t always look the same.

There have been times where I was always putting myself in the position as the “sister” and completely writing myself off from anything more to happen with a guy. Some guys would even start calling me “one of the bros”. THAT WAS THE WORST. As much as I am okay with just being your friend, please remember that I am a girl and I am not a guy.  Then I would complain and people would tell me that I put myself in that position. Sometimes you do it to yourself. Just keep in mind the vibe you’re giving off. Don’t act like a sister to someone that you’re daydreaming about in class marrying. Be careful. I’m still learning how to do this. At this point I hope you’re laughing, make sure you don’t always take me too seriously.

My dad last week actually had a little talk with me about love. He was asking me if I was interested in any boys and I was like, nope! Just friends with guys. I got school on my mind. He told me that he understands that I love my guy friends just as I love my family and other friends. But that there may be love in the basement of some of my friendships. A connection waiting to form at the right time. I laughed and told him that was never going to happen. But he’s right. Sometimes friendships can form into other things, but sometimes they don’t.

And just to put this out here… If a girl and guy can just be friends and not fall into sexual temptation with one another before the time is right, I think that is a pretty good thing. Let them be friends.

So can girls and guys really just be friends? Of course they can. As with ANY friendship or relationship in life, you have to work on it and you have to know what you want. Most relationships come with complications. If you and that boy are on the same page, you can make it work. But for some people, a close friendship with the opposite sex that isn’t their boyfriend or spouse is not okay. They want to save BOTH that strong emotional intimacy with someone and physical intimacy for their future spouse. Everyone has different needs, wants, convictions, and goals when it comes to a relationship. Just be aware of what yours are.

There are people who just don’t feel the need to be close with the opposite gender and don’t understand how someone can be just friends with the opposite gender. Some people just don’t seem to click with the opposite gender as much as their same gender. There are some friendships that will unfortunately end in heartbreak  because someone caught feelings and the feelings weren’t reciprocated. There are some people who will start off as friends and gag every time someone teases them about dating but in the end they will end up happily married and in love. You never know what could happen in life. It’s a scary thing. But are you going to lock yourself in your room forever and not experience things because you might get hurt or hurt someone?! NO. You have to go out there and live your life! Meet people. All your experiences mold you into a better version of yourself, even if sometimes those experiences are not quite pleasant.

But can we all stop being so annoying and trying to stick our noses into other people’s friendships and why they aren’t dating? Some teasing is fine, I love teasing. But there may be a lot of reasons why they aren’t dating at the moment. You don’t have to get to the point where you’re practically outraged that two people aren’t dating (yes, this has happened to me).

To be completely honest. My dream as a child has always been to become best friends with a boy and then one day fall in love with him and live happily ever after. I think it’s awesome when two best friends fall in love. You already have such a deep connection with that person and you know that you at least love them as a person. It just makes sense to be together. But God always has a plan. For some people that happens, for some people it doesn’t.

For the time being, I love being friends with both guys and girls equally. Guys are usually really funny, they are adventurous, they are more straight forward than girls usually, and they add spice to life. I just get along with guys a lot of the time, it’s part of my personality. I love building all these friendships and meeting new people while in college. I’m still fairly young. I’m not going to worry too much about who to date, I can only worry about today. I have a lot on my plate as it is with school and work. But if one day I do decide to date a friend or if I don’t, it’s all up in the air. You never know what could happen. So everyone listen up! Enjoy your friendships with both guys and girls. Enjoy every season because you will never be this young or have the same opportunities forever. Live it up!

My mom always tells me there is at least a 1% chance for any friendship or relationship to form. Don’t ever completely write off something from happening. You never know what the future holds. (;


Angie ❤

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24


Borreli, Lizette. “Is It Really Possible To Be ‘Just Friends?'” Medical Daily. N.p., 2016. Web. 11 Oct. 2016.







Answers In the Woods

There is something phenomenal about youth camp with the fact that it leaves you feeling refreshed and on fire for God, like gaining answers in the woods.

Youth camp this Summer was the last thing I would do before going back to school for Fall semester. We arrived for check in on Thursday night and left Sunday afternoon. Monday after, I would start school. I had a desire for camp to not only be fun but to really help us draw closer to God. I really wanted there to be good worship and prayer more than anything else.

The drive to youth camp was about two hours and I had the responsibility of bringing dinner and snacks for that night. I ended up driving alone because my other carpool rides didn’t work out. But I like to think of myself as an independent person so I was like eh, its fine. I’ll drive alone and have some time to reflect on life by myself. Well, I ended up losing service and getting lost when I arrived on the camp site. I had to leave the campsite and drive off to find service until I eventually found some. And I got a hold of our youth leader who helped me get to camp safely. Almost cried and went back home. And that was the start of a very interesting youth camp. Luckily things got way better after that rocky start!

Camp was indeed very fun. The nightly highlights were going to the dock in the middle of the night and stargazing. Those deep talks though! We played volleyball for majority of the day and night (well not me as much because I suck), we went zip lining, canoeing and swimming, we played group games, had good talks, explored, and watched a movie. I personally did not have a bored moment.

But the most amazing part of camp was getting closer to new and old friends but also seeing how God worked in all of us. It was amazing being in God’s presence and looking out with tear stained eyes for a split moment to see everyone in awe of the Lord and worshipping at his feet together.

I really prayed for God to work in this camp. I felt we all could use a little extra prayer and Jesus to shake up our life a little bit. I’m so glad that God worked in us. The beginning of camp was great because everyone was getting along. But somewhere in the middle of camp problems arose amongst some of us. And I look back at that moment and it makes my stomach drop. Because in the end we didn’t even know why we were upset in the first place and the problems that happened were stupid and pointless. It was as if the devil came in and tried to shake things up and keep us from getting close to God.

But luckily we worked things out. In the end we all wanted God to touch this camp and for us to leave feeling refreshed and renewed. On Saturday night we had our last church service with our pastors. At this point we had all made up and talked things out but things may have been a little bit rocky still. With each song that our worship group sang, I began to forget about yesterday and it’s problems but focus on God in this very moment. We ended our worship list with “How He Loves” where Dima asked us to repeat the lines before ending in prayer. After this, the Holy Spirit really amplified in the room. I don’t think I was the only one who could feel His thick presence.

Our youth leader asked if anyone wanted to go to the front to receive the Holy Spirit or be prayed over. Everyone was praying but no one went up to the front. He asked again, but still no one went up. I felt a tugging on my heart to go to the front. But then immediately the negative thoughts came up that said, “After the way you were acting yesterday, you don’t deserve it. And you might be the only one going up.” So I stayed in my place up in the front with the worship team frozen in fear. But then I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Go to the front and the others will follow. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday.” And I responded back with, “But what if I’m the only one who goes up” and God answered me with, “I wouldn’t call you to do something and leave you all alone to fight for yourself.” Well with that I went to the front on my knees and started weeping, overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. Sure enough, others followed and we were there on our knees praying together.

I have never wept so hard in my life or prayed so hard since probably the day I was first baptized with the Holy Spirit. And here I was at camp feeling ashamed and regretful for some of my actions and conflicts from the other day but God was still working on my heart and filling me with His Spirit. Our youth leader asked us to pray for one another and my best friend and I wrapped each other in one another’s arms and bawled together. At one point I was bawling so hard that I was actually choking for air. Truth is, I was so hungry for God.

Camp really was great and I’ll never forget that service. I know that you don’t need camp to have a close encounter with God. And you cant go into camp expecting that you’ll be a completely changed and renewed person after that. But camp does have some mysterious way of helping you get answers and draw closer to God while tucked away in the woods.

This verse Psalms 12:01 will always remind of camp which says “I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to Him and He answered my prayer.”

I think the fact that nothing over the top or really out of the ordinary happened at camp is good because it will help us stay focused on him and hunger for him as camp is over. The most important part of camp was the fact that we humbled ourselves before God and that the Holy Spirit touched us and left us with a stronger hunger for God.

At camp I learned that it doesn’t matter the mistakes I made the day before, because God can still work in me and use me for His glory. God can redeem any broken relationships and cleanse their broken hearts and hurt and restore them to be healed.

Camp was a success not because of the activities or because of radical revivals but because God was in our presence and we could encounter Him. I believe that we will not let this experience be a one time thing but that we will continue to pursue him after and have the desire to grow in our relationship with Him.

It’s funny how He can grow beautiful flowers out of the inner most darkest places of my heart as He showers me with His grace.

God restores all things, even in the midst of brokenness.

I found the answers I was seeking in the woods.



Turn the AC Off On Your Heart<3

I always have the AC cranked up in the car while driving, doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. I like being cold rather than hot. Sometimes I am driving someone around in the car and turn around to see them shivering to death without saying anything. Oops.

I prefer to be cold on the outside but I sure do not like how cold this world often is [on the inside looking out].

Today in the middle of the day I got a notification on twitter that someone liked my tweet from a lllooonngg time ago  that said “Somebody turn up the AC because it’s a competition to be the most cold hearted”. Although it’s weird that someone stalked my twitter to find that tweet, it sparked my idea to write about this. Everybody is too scared to show their feelings, to show they have any type of emotion. Feelings are seen as a weakness because if you show someone how you’re really feeling you may seem too excited, crazy, or end up hurt in the end.

I’m an emotional person which I know I have already mentioned in other posts. Is it really that I am an emotional person or am I just more open about my feelings than everyone else? I mean, I don’t sit there and cry all the time. I actually don’t cry that often and when I do it is usually during an encounter with God. Last week I went with my friends to watch the movie “Me Before You”. That movie was very emotional. My best friend sat there bawling her eyes out while I sat their peeking over at her and laughing hysterically. The movie was sad and good. But I believe her and I express our emotions differently.

What I am trying to get here is that feelings are often seen as a sign of weakness often. People try to be cold as possible. It’s like the song lyrics from the popular song on the radio right now “7 Years” by Lukas Graham that go “Soon I’ll be 60 years old, will I think the world is cold…” You know that I go hard at that part every time in the car when it comes on and am jamming out.

Feelings are fleeting and we should not always react immediately to every feeling that comes our way, that’s for sure. But we should be more open and honest and not let our hearts turn to rocks or be stone cold. There is a difference.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Boy and girl like each other but both are too scared to actually admit they like each other. How many times do I hear my friends say “Oh I don’t want to make it seem like I am obsessed with him.” How does showing him interest to let him know you have some romantic feelings become being obsessive and crazy? When did actually asking people to go on dates become too scary and too forward. Now people just “hang out” so that in case nothing works out no one has the ability to be hurt. People have “things” instead of relationships so that when the thing ends, the other person is not allowed to be upset because it wasn’t a real relationship anyway. People go to parties and “hook up” and then the next day act like it was nothing and completely desensitize any feelings that should naturally occur when having any form of intimacy with someone. You get in a fight with a friend and instead of working out the issues and solving the problems people harden their hearts like rocks and become cold. We’re scared to simply compliment someone, we’re scared to give words of affirmation to someone, we’re scared to be too happy and positive because that is annoying, and we’re too scared to show we care because that person may not care as much as we do. Because to catch feelings, to be vulnerable, to put yourself out there, to be transparent can really screw yourself over in the end.


I used to do this. Be too scared to show my emotions and be too scared to put myself out there in fear that it would leave me rejected or hurt in the end. But I soon realized that being cold is not fun. It ends up hurting you more later. I still struggle with being transparent with my emotions. Sometimes I keep things so bottled up and they marinate inside until they explode a long time after. That’s not good. I am working on that part of me.

I’m not just talking about romance here. I’m talking about life in general and how people try to be as cold as they can be. People close themselves up and don’t want to let anyone in or to put themselves out there for someone else. What a shame. We all want change in this world yet our world is so cold. Every day we turn on the news and hear more horror stories of shootings, violence, hate crimes, terrorism, and more. We need to show love and compassion to one another in such a cold world. We must.

I challenge you to be more open hearted. Be more forward with how you feel. And when you don’t know how you feel then be honest about that. Be more transparent and see how you can positively affect someone else’s life.

[Thank you to my friend Noah for instilling the idea of being more transparent in my life.]


Much love,



Why Do I Even Write?

There is something about having a very hectic mind and being able to transfer these crazy thoughts and ideas onto something real.

I was not always into writing. Well, English was always one of my favorite classes in School because I thought it was easy. Math has always been a struggle and still is. Some people love math because there is a formula you must follow and then you know there is always one straight answer. But for me, I don’t like that there is only one answer. Because I have to follow the formula exactly to get that answer. There is no other choice. In writing there  are many different standards and formulas. You can have your standard MLA format or you can have freestyle creative writing. And even when we all follow the same formula, we all have a different outcome because our thoughts are all different. There is no right or wrong answer per se, in writing a piece. Does this tell you a lot about how I view life in general?  But I was not always into writing. It’s something I became interested in not too long ago.

As a child, one of my phases was writing short stories for fun. But like all phases, that surely came to pass and I became interested in other things.

I took Baptism on August 29, 2015. A stormy crazy day but also the most beautiful day of my life. I can’t even describe how wonderful that experience was. Words cannot do it justice. One of my best friends gave me a present on that day and she included a notebook in it that had Bible Verses on the bottom of every page. This notebook would be the literal turning page in my desire to start writing.

This same friend was baptized this past weekend! Along with another one of my really good friends. There is something about seeing another person dedicate their life to Christ that brings so much joy, emotion, and a renewed sense of desire to follow Christ. Am I right?!


Congrats Girls! ❤

People talk about the trials that happen either before, during, or after baptism for most people. I definitely went through some really hard times after baptism. One thing that really helped me during that time was writing in that notebook. I put all my negative emotions in there. And it helped relieve me of the pain and emptiness surrounding my heart.

It’s funny because as soon as my life changed for the better, I stopped writing in that notebook. My last entry was four months ago and I have not felt a need to write in it anymore. I cannot even describe or explain the change of heart the Holy Spirit has done on my heart since taking baptism. Comparing who I was a year ago to now…WOW. And to know that he is not finished yet, he is still working on me.

I used to be so quiet, and I would usually keep to myself. But now I can’t shut up lol. I want to express my thoughts and ideas. I want to make new friends, I want to share experiences. I’m also a communication major so I love to communicate with people in various ways. I’m still a quiet gentle spirit by nature but more outgoing. When I stopped writing in my private notebook, I realized how much I loved to write in general. That notebook helped me reflect personally on my life. It allowed me to see how much I’ve learned and grown as a person. But that was only to benefit myself. I want to help other people, I want to reach out to them and encourage them. I want to use my crazy thoughts for the good of helping others.

My sister is someone who always encourages and pushes me to follow my passions and is someone who loves to empower women. She told me that I should start writing a blog, and I was like hey…I actually have been thinking of starting one.

I have been in a bit of a writers block lately. Was not sure of what to write about. So I thought maybe I would write an article about what inspired me to start writing a blog in the first place.

I don’t have all the answers to life’s problems. I still have things I struggle with. But writing a blog lets me be creative, spill my ideas, add encouragement, express my faith, learn new things, and be more transparent as a person.

Hopefully next week I am inspired to write something new.

Much love,

Angie ❤

Let Us Chat Over a Cup of Coffee

Oh my dear friend, how I wish we could sit together for a nice cup of coffee.

What a delight it would be to sit across from You in such a cozy atmosphere. To look deep into Your full of wonder eyes filled with all of life’s mysteries. I know You probably don’t even drink coffee, not that you need it. That wouldn’t even be the point of our coffee date. Many a friends I have taken for coffee runs. Many fierce, heartbreaking, inspiring, and puzzling conversations I have had over coffee with countless friends. But all of them would transform to be pointless, if I could trade them all to have one conversation over coffee with You.

It’s not to say that we don’t ever speak as it is. In fact, we usually spend every day together in some way. I think about You constantly and You are the last person I talk to every night. I love You so much. I use the word “best friend” pretty loosely, but You truly are my very best friend. No one compares to you.

Sometimes I am a bad friend to You. I forget to talk to You or spend time with You. I trust in myself and wallow in worries before coming to You with my problems. Sometimes I am so scared to admit the things I have done wrong and so ashamed. You promised me You would never leave me or condemn me but yet I feel that this time I may have truly gone too far. But deep in my heart, I know that simply isn’t true. You constantly remain faithful in Your promises. I feel at peace when I finally come to You. You always bring me so much joy, my best memories are truly with You. You’ve gifted me beyond measure, there is no way that I would ever be able to repay You. I regret to say that I am not the best friend to You that You are to me.

I know that I have not been the best friend lately. I know I have distanced myself. I am so sorry. But I could really use a friend right now. Even though I don’t deserve it. You see, I have some deep troubles right now. Some answers, I need help. I sit and think about it all day long. I paint a smile on my face every day to mask my true colors. But it’s been raining for the past few weeks and the rain is starting to wash away the paint. People are starting to see the damage hidden underneath. I don’t really know what to do. You have always given me the best advice before, please help me once more.

Oh how I wish to sit You down over some coffee at my favorite coffee shop downtown. To be in Your presence is enough to make me feel at ease. This is what I assume the encounter would go like. I’d look deep into Your eyes and you would look back so knowingly. You would look at me and already know what is on my mind before I even utter a word. I’d start to cry and say, “I just don’t know what to do anymore!”

You would wipe away my tears and say, “Don’t think I’ve been away. I’ve heard your cries in the deep of night. I whispered sweet melodies into your ear and rocked you to sleep.”

I would ask you all the questions that have been troubling me. Get some things off my chest. Similar to what I do with my other friends, but with You, I just know that You would be the most understanding. You would tell me what to do. You would give me the answers I so desire.

But although I would love nothing more to go on a coffee date with You, I know there is a reason I can’t physically do that. But I know that I can still spend time with You any hour of the day and  that You will always be there for me.

I really hope our relationship grows stronger through the years and we overcome all obstacles. I can’t wait until the day I can truly be fully in Your presence. Thank You for being my best friend and truly loving me unconditionally. I love You so much.

[NOTE: This blog post is a little different. I spend a lot of time in coffee shops with my friends and trying to get work done. Life is full of mystery and confusion and many times I think to myself, man I wish I could just have Jesus right in front of me so that I could ask him some questions and get some concrete answers on how to live my life! But it’s important to remember that He is always with us and He does answer our prayers in many different ways.]

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for an assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1




Sarcasm Makes Life Easier (This is Sarcasm)

I get myself into some very interesting situations sometimes from my sarcasm. Not many people fully understand my sarcasm and how it has a strong connection to my humor. I personally don’t understand boys very much so my main approach to talking to them is by speaking very sarcastically. Often times this can come off as rude or “salty” and people cannot tell when I’m being serious or just joking. But other times people tell me I am really funny and there is not better compliment coming from a guy than “You are really funny.” Well of course he could give you better compliments saying that you are beautiful or have a beautiful soul, and much more..but hey I’ll take funny any day. As long as it’s not funny looking because my friends love to post ugly pictures of me in our group chat but ok I am getting way off topic here! Basically, if you understand my sarcasm and humor, well God bless your soul.

But sarcasm has gotten me into some very interesting situations. Good or bad, definitely makes me look back on life and laugh (sometimes the laughing happens right away, sometimes it happens years after once the initial embarrassment and shock has worn off.

As you can see, although I love to talk about serious things, I also love to joke around. So please take everything in this post with a grain of salt and a light hearted attitude. I like to share my more funny and awkward experiences to show that life doesn’t always have to be so serious 🙂 In fact if you know me in real life I am always laughing and messing around. So this post will hopefully show more of my personality.

Story #1

So one time my friend (who is a boy) was taking me home. He was talking about how I remind him of one of his ex girlfriends because of how we connect through our spiritual conversations. We often laugh because of how similar we both are (but apparently not in all ways!). Often times this boy vents to me about one of our mutual friends who he has a major crush on. After hearing him talk about her for the past two hours and then receiving compliments on how him and I connect on such an intellectual level, I sarcastically/jokingly said, “Why don’t you just forget about (our friend) and date me instead.” This was met with silence and then an awkward serious conversation after. I probably said the wrong thing. He explained that although he thought I was attractive, and we get along great that he prayed about it before and that it wouldn’t be right to mix in the friend group and that he still really liked my friend.

That’s all fine and dandy and I was just like alrighty…thanks for the ride. Good bye!

Was this conversation over? No. Because then a few days later he asked to meet up and we had to discuss again why I said what I said and what it means. I should have thought before I joked out loud. We’re cool now and really good friends. But that was a weird situation.

Story #2

Now last week I went to get bubble tea with one of my friends while taking a break from studying. A new bubble tea place had opened up in the mall. At the check out, the cashier was speaking to the manager and asked him why he had hired him. The manager was laughing and said, “It’s because we see potential in you and because of your great smile.” Well I too started laughing and the manager looked at me and continuing his sentence said, “Just like hers.”

I responded in my sarcastic/joking way, “Thanks! Can I work here too then?”

Well this led to me filling out and application form and having an interview on the spot in front of the long line of customers. It ended with minimum wage being the starting pay so no thank you! But this was a time that sarcasm actually worked in my favor and landed me a job opportunity.

I will not stop my sarcastic ways because well it makes life entertaining and because it comes naturally to me. But I will have to make sure that I actually think before I speak sometimes and make sure it doesn’t come off rude or put me in some weird preventable situations.

This is how I laugh about my life. :))))

Stay laughing,